Evil awaits at every page
Uses In the quest The Dark Heart of Blackhall
Appearances Fallout 3
Weight 0
Value 15

The Krivbeknih is a book that appears in the DLC Point Lookout, in the game Fallout 3.

Stories about supernatural occurrences surround the book, many people believe it holds dark power. It was in the possession of the Blackhall family until a couple of Swampfolk stole it from Obadiah Blackhall. This leads to the quest The Dark Heart of Blackhall.

[edit] Notes

  • The book does possess some evil and dark otherworldly powers, because when you press the book against the Obelisk in the Dunwich Building strange things occur.
  • The book cannot be dropped once it is received, unless of course you destroy it or hand it over to Obadiah.
  • Christian Missionaries from a church in post-war Massachusetts fear this book. Marcella is one of these missionaries.
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