The Knife is a weapon that appears in Fallout, Fallout 2, and Fallout 3. Unlike the Combat Knife it was used for non-military purposes.

[edit] Fallout and Fallout 2

Maximum Damage 1-6
Damage Type Normal - Swing/Thrust
Ammo Type N/a
Ammo Capacity N/a
Weight 1
Value $40

The Knife is a basic melee weapon. The Knife is a weapon commonly used during combat. The shape of the Knife allows it to easily penetrate flesh and damage internal functions. The Knife is one of the first weapons acquired in Fallout.

The Combat Knife's use is lessened at long range. The weapon should be used in combination with the Strength skill. The Knife does moderate damage to targets.

[edit] Fallout 3

Weapon Type Melee
Maximum Damage 9
Damage Type Normal
Ammo Type n/a
Ammo Capacity n/a
Weight 1

The Knife is a Melee Weapon in Fallout 3. It can often be found on Raiders or in Kitchens throughout the Capital Wasteland.

It does ok damage and is usually not a weapon the player or any other NPC seeks out.

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