Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial
Jefferson Memorial.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Main Locals James

Dr. Li

Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests Scientific Pursuits

The Waters of Life
Take it Back!
Holy Water Protecting the Water Way

The Jefferson Memorial is a memorial that was built to praise Thomas Jefferson, the third present of the US. It is located near The Mall, in Super Mutant occupied DC.

The Jefferson Memorial is where the player character was born, and where Catherine died giving birth to you.

it is at first inhabeted by super mutants before the quest The Waters of Life.


[edit] Scientific Pursuits

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[edit] The Waters of Life

Main Article:The Waters of Life

In the Waters of Life quest James will ask you to clear the memorial of any super mutant threat, and to assist him in activating the purifier. However, the Enclave arrive, and James kills himself trying to save you.

Doctor Li and the rest of the scientists escape with you through a manhole in the Memorial, to try to get to the Citadel.

[edit] Take it Back!

Main Article:Take it Back!

In the quest Take it Back! enclave forces are occupying the memorial. Elder Lyons instructs you to assault the memorial with Liberty Prime and other Brotherhood of Steel forces.

This is the last storyline quest if you have not downloaded Broken Steel.

[edit] Holy Water

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[edit] Protecting the Water Way

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