Horace Pinkerton

Horace Pinkerton Closeup.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Rivet City Bow
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Horace Pinkerton is a scientist and one of the founders of Rivet City. He is located in the Broken Bow of Rivet City and can only be reached by either:

  • Hacking a Very Hard door located above the water (Requires a Lockpick skill of 100) or;
  • Enter the Broken Bow by using the underwater entrance.

When navigating through the corridors to his lab, you will find a number of effective explosive traps and rigged Combat Shotguns. The area is also infested with Mirelurks and Mirelurk Hunters.

[edit] The Replicated Man

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When you reaches him, he will provide you with information related to the quest. He tells you that he is responsible for creating a new face for the Android, as well as providing it with a mind wipe so that the could lead a new life.

After the completion of this quest, Pinkerton will be able to give you facial reconstruction for free. He is the only person capable of doing this.

[edit] The Wasteland Survival Guide

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He will also provide you with information regarding the origins of Rivet City. This is useful for completing an optional section of this quest.

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