Holy Water

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Holy Water
Holy Light Monastery.jpg
Location(s) Megaton

Holy Light Monastery

Received by Scribe Bigsley
Reward(s) 300 XP

300 Caps

Related Quests Protecting the Water Way

Holy Water is a side-quest that the player is given access to after downloading the Broken Steel DLC expansion.


[edit] Quest Objectives

[edit] Investigate Megaton

The player must first speak with Scribe Bigsley. He will ask the player to travel to Megaton to find out why they need more water after just receiving a weeks supply of Aqua Pura.

In front of Megaton, the player will witness an NPC named Rosa giving Micky a bottle of seeming pure water. However, after drinking the water, Micky dies instantly. Rosa will then approach the player, telling them that she received the water from a cult in Springvale.

The player may also find various Holy Water Pamplets spread throughout Megaton. Alternatively, the player can talk to an NPC in Megaton who will tell you of a cult stealing Megaton's water supply. The NPC is located at the bottom of the hill in Megaton, next to the Brahmin.

[edit] Ask About The Holy Water=

In Springvale, the player can find the Holy Light Monastery. Outside the player can find Brother Gerard. He will give the player Holy Water and refuse to speak with you until you drink it. Afterwards, he will tell the player that Mother Curie III has been tampering with the water so that wastelands may "bask in Atom's Glow".

[edit] Gaining Entrance To The Monastery

There are five ways in which the player can gain entrance. The player must either:

  • Ask Brother Gerard if you can meet Mother Curie III. For this to work, the player must already be irradiated. Alternatively, equipping the Ghoul Mask will allow you access.
  • Pass a Speech check.
  • Pick the lock.
  • Steal the key from Brother Gerard.
  • Simply kill Brother Gerard and loot the key from his corpse.

To enter the church, the player must use the trap door located at the back of the destroyed house. As you enter, Mother Curie will be giving a sermon to two Ghouls. Afterwards, she will enter a conversation with the player. She will reveal that she has been intercepting the Brotherhood caravans (who she believes to be angels) and stealing the Aqua Pura. Mother Curie explains her actions by stating that she wants to share Atom's "gifts." However, these "gifts" are actually to turn wastelanders into Ghouls.

[edit] Stop The Apostles Of Holy Light

The player has three options to deal with this problem. They can pass a Speech to convince her to stop stealing the water. The player can also irradiate themselves to over 800 rads, causing Mother Curie to claim that you are the "Prophet of Atom." She will agree to stop stealing water afterwards. Lastly, the player can kill all of the Apostles of Holy Light. However, be wary when choosing this option as there is a Reaver ("Atom's Champion") and a Glowing One ("Sun of Atom") that will turn hostile.

Return to Scribe Bigsley to receive 300 caps and 100xp.

[edit] The Power Of Atom

If the player destroys Megaton as part of The Power of the Atom quest after undertaking this quest, when they return Mother Curie will be waiting outside of the Megaton ruins. Due to the radiation she has become a Reaver and is hostile towards the player.

However, Brother Gerard will become a regular, friendly Ghoul. He will claim to have seen Atom states that he will stay at Megaton to wait for Atom's guidance.

Scribe Bigsley will be shocked to learn of Megaton's destruction, but will award the player nonetheless.

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