Hired Help

Hired Help
Location(s) Underworld
Received by Ahzrukhal
Reward(s) Charon as a companion
Related Quests n/a

Hired Help is a Fallout 3 unmarked quest that the player can get if he/she speaks to Ahzrukhal in the Underworld, specifically The Ninth Circle.

When you speak to him about Charon, a possible companion, Ahzrukhal will tell you that he'll be willing to sell him to you for 2,000 caps (1,000 with Barter). If the player chooses the third option of helping him out, Ahzrukhal will ask you to kill Greta. Apparently Carol's Place is stealing valuable customers from his bar, and he wants Greta out of the way.

[edit] Killing Greta

The only way to kill Greta without turning the whole underworld hostile is waiting for her to go on her break. On her break, she'll exit the Underworld and smoke at the entrance alone. The player can then dispatch her there, without the Ghoul residents seeing. However, this results in bad karma. Talking to Ahzrukhal after this has been completed finishes the quest and gives you Charons contract.

[edit] Notes

  • Alternatively, you could just let a follower kill Greta. This will result in no karma loss.
  • You may want to loot Greta's body for the key to the refrigerator inside Carol's Place.
  • After Greta dies, Carol will become depressed.

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