Hazmat Disposal Site L5

Hazmat Disposal Site L5
Hazmat Disposal Site L5.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Washington D.C.
Connects to The Mall Southwest
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests n/a

Hazmat Disposal Site L5 is an extremely radioactive metro tunnel in Fallout 3, located in the L'Enfant and Mall (Southwest) districts, and is used as a connector of the two.

Before the war the tunnel was used to store radioactive material and despite it being nearly untouched for 200 years, it's still very radioactive and deadly. This tunnel is pretty much a metro in a metro, since there's a hole that you can drop down in to go under the tracks, which has it's own network of caves.

Super Mutants, and Feral Ghouls (Reavers and Glowing Ones depending on your level) occupy the metro and are in large number at both exits.

[edit] Notes

  • Two beds can be found and used to rest in if there are no enemies in the vicinity.
  • One of the only rigged baby carriages in-game can be found at the L'Enfant exit.
  • Be prepared for a Super Mutant fight if you're exiting the tunnel and going into the L'Efant district. There are roughly 9 super mutants outside, some of them with Miniguns. They can range from the standard mutant to the infamous Super Mutant Overlord if you have Broken Steel installed.

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