Guardian Drone

Guardian Drone
Guardian Drone.png
Race Robot
Affiliation Alien
Alien Worker

Alien Captain

Appearances Mothership Zeta
Drops Items:

Drone Cannon
Alien Power Module

The Guardian Drone is a robot used by the Aliens during the Mothership Zeta DLC. The player may also encounter a weaker, unarmed version called the Support Drone.

The Guardian Drone are equipped with a Drone Cannon and can be lethal to the player if not dispatched of immediately. They are vulnurable to attacks to their head, which do more damage than attacking anywhere else. The player can also shoot the Drone Cannon out of their grip, significantly reducing its combat ability.

The player can also use a Guardian Drone as a follower if you have looted the Drone Control Device from an Alien inside the Robot Assembly.

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