Location Capital Wasteland
Leader N/A
Main Locals
  • Bryan Wilks
  • Doctor Lesko
  • Appearances Fallout 3
    Places of Interest Marigold Metro Station
    Related Quests
  • Those!
  • Grayditch was once a small town found outside the D.C. area. When the bombs fell, most of the town was left standing. By the time the player leaves Vault 101 in 2277, it was used to house a small community. When the player arrives, you find that most of the inhabitants have been killed by Fire Ants. The only apparent survivor of the attack is a small boy, named Bryan Wilks.

    To the south-west of Grayditch the player can find a Ghoul Outpost. Inside are three hostile Ghouls and a Super Mutant who appears to be held captive behind bars.

    To the west of Grayditch is a Talon Company Camp. The player can encounter some Talon Company Mercs here, mostly armed with Laser Rifles.

    [edit] Those!

    Main Article: Those!

    After the completion of the quest Those! all of the Fire Ants within Grayditch will attack each other and die, due to the Inhibitor Pulse sent out by either Doctor Lesko or the player. When the player returns to the surface, all of the Fire Ants will have already died.

    [edit] Known Residents of Grayditch

    • Bryan Wilks - One of the only survivors of the Fire Ant outburst upon Grayditch. When the player approaches the area near Grayditch, Bryan will run up to the player and beg for your assistance. He wants you to locate his father. This is the beginning of the quest Those!. After the quest you can find Bryan a new home. You can either bring him to his aunt Vera Weatherly in Rivet City, gain him residency in Little Lamplight or sell him to the Slavers at Paradise Falls.
    • Doctor Lesko - The person responsible for the creation of the Fire Ants, although accidentally. He had applied the FEV onto the a group of Ants, causing them to mutate and become Fire Ants. Doctor Lesko worked in a small shack beside Bryan Wilks house. After his experiments got out of control and killed most of the Grayditch residents, he went underground into his lab located in Marigold Station. If the player helps him with his plan to subdue the Giant Ant Queen, he will reward you with either the Ant Sight or Ant Might Perk. You can also receive the Lesko's Lab Coat if you force him to give you a better reward.
    • Un-named Survivor - It is possible for the player to encounter a survivor of the attack on Grayditch. Talking to him will reveal the location of Grayditch on your Pip-Boy.

    [edit] Deceased Residents of Grayditch

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