Glowing One

Glowing One
Glowing One.png
Race Ghoul
Affiliation Feral Ghoul

Ghoul Roamer
Swamp Ghoul
Feral Ghoul Reaver

Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

The Glowing One is a type of Feral Ghoul that has been exposed to so much radiation that it's whole body glows bright green. Unlike other Feral Ghouls, the Glowing Ones can unleash a wave of radiation from their body which will drain your Hit Points, and heal themselves and any other nearby ghouls.

Some notable Glowing Ones include the one in the Nation Guard Depot Armory which is believed to be Mr. Keller from the Keller Family Transcript. There's also one in the Dunwich Building that appears after you experience a flashback. A friendly Glowing One called Son of Atom is added to Fallout 3 when you download Broken Steel, he can be found at the Holy Light Monastery, however he appears to be worshiped by the residents, so attacking him will turn everyone in the Holy Light Monastery hostile.

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