Ghoul Mask

Ghoul Mask
Ghoul Mask.jpg
Damage Resistance 3
Weight 1
Cost 110 Caps
Effects: - Feral Ghouls won't attack you while wearing it.

The Ghoul Mask is a piece of Headwear in Fallout 3. It's made from the skin of multiple Feral Ghouls that's been sewn together to create a full face mask. Wearing this mask will stop any Feral Ghouls, Roamers, Reavers, Glowing Ones or Swamp Ghouls from attacking you. The game states that standing close to a Feral Ghoul for too long will cause them to attack, however this is not true. You can stand next to them for a long as you want, you can get right in their face or bump into them and they still won't attack.

Despite the Ghoul Mask looking like head wear, the game considers it eye wear, meaning that you can wear the mask with a helmet. The Ghoul Mask has a Damage Resistance of +3, you can wear it with something like the Combat Helmet which has a DR of +5 to create a total of +8 Damage Resistance for head protection.

[edit] Tenpenny Tower Quest

Main Article: Tenpenny Tower Quest

To obtain the Ghoul Mask, you need to help Roy Phillips and his band of Ghouls invade Tenpenny Tower or convince the residents to let Roy and his Ghouls move in during the quest.

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