Geomapping with Reilly

Geomapping with Reilly
Stealth Boy.JPG
Location(s) Ranger Compound
Received by Reilly
Reward(s) 30 Caps for every location found
Related Quests Reilly's Rangers

Geomapping with Reilly is an unmarked and repeatable quest in Fallout 3, and can be acquired after completing the Reilly's Rangers Quest in the Ranger Compound.

After completing the quest Reilly will state that she needs help mapping the Capital Wasteland. If the player chooses to help she will give you a Geomapper Module, a device that downloads map marker and location data from your Pip-Boy 3000. For every new map-marker or location you visit in the Wasteland, she'll give you 30 caps. This is a very good way to make money, since you're basically being payed for exploring.

[edit] Notes

  • Remember to speak with Reilly right after getting the Geomapper Module. It records all of the locations you previously visited, even if you didn't have the module with you. So you can get a lot of caps without actually exploring yet.
  • The module can only be replaced 2 times if lost.
  • It looks exactly like a Stealth Boy when you drop it on the floor.

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