Geomapper Module

Geomapper Module
Stealth Boy.JPG
Uses Geomapping with Reilly quest
Mapping the Capital Wasteland
Appearances Fallout 3
Weight 1
Value 20

The Geomapper Module is an item in Fallout 3 that is acquired as part of the Geomapping with Reilly quest.

The item basically downloads any map marker or location information off of your Pip-Boy 3000, and stores a record of every single location you visit. Once you have visited a fair amount of places you can return to the Ranger Compound and speak to Reilly, and get 30 caps per location.

[edit] Notes

  • You actually do not have to carry it around to count the locations. If you store it in a locker or your Tenpenny Suite/Megaton Shack, it still counts the locations you visit.
  • It can only be replaced 2 times by Reilly, after that you cannot get it again.
  • Although it is a quest item, it can be dropped. When it is dropped it looks identical to a Stealth Boy in appearance.

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