Galaxy News Radio Station

The Galaxy News Radio Building.

Galaxy News Radio is one of the few radio stations (the only one in Fallout 3 besides Agatha's Station) that broadcasts across the entire wasteland, with the Enclave Radio clouding all other signals.

The Lone Wanderer will discover the signal shortly after exiting Vault 101 for the first time. The signal will be very weak and hard to listen to, but listening carefully afer first obtaining the signal can allow the player to skip a portion of the main quest, although it is not marked in the Pip-Boy and will result in a permanently weak signal from GNR.

GNR is run by a rather peculiar man named Three Dog. He tells the real news to the Wastelanders, not the sugar-coated lies of the Enclave station. Three Dog operates in the constantly besieged GNR building, under the protection of the Brotherhood of Steel in the ruins of Washington D.C.

[edit] Song Playlist

While listening to GNR, Three Dog will play a variety of songs. The songs are played in a random order, and he will usually announce the song and the performer. Here is a list of the songs played:

  • "I Don't Want to Set the World on Fire" - The Ink Spots
  • "Anything Goes" - Cole Porter
  • "A Wonderful Guy" - Tex Beneke
  • "Boogie Man" - Sid Phillips
  • "Butcher Pete (Part 1)" - Roy Brown
  • "Crazy He Calls Me" - Billie Holiday
  • "Civilization" - Danny Kaye with The Andrews Sisters
  • "Easy Living" - Billie Holiday
  • "Fox Boogie" - Gerhard Trede
  • "Happy Times" - Bob Crosby
  • "I'm Tickled Pink" - Jack Shaindlin
  • "Into each Life Some Rain Must Fall" - Ella Fitzgerald with The Ink Spots
  • "Jazzy Interlude" - Billy Munn
  • "Jolly Days" - Gerhard Trede
  • "Let's Go Sunning" - Jack Shaindlin
  • "Maybe" - The Ink Spots
  • "Mighty, Mighty Man" - Roy Brown
  • "Rhythm For You" - Eddy Christiani and Frans Poptie
  • "Swing Doors" - Allan Gray
  • "Way Back Home" - Bob Crosby & the Bobcats

[edit] Galaxy News Radio Quest

Main Article: Galaxy News Radio Quest

Galaxy News Radio is an important aspect of the main quest. After asking around Megaton shortly after escaping Vault 101, the player is directed to Galaxy News Radio for further information of the player's dad's whereabouts. The quest is titled Galaxy News Radio Quest and is worth 20 gamerscore as an achievement on the Xbox 360.

[edit] Bugs

Upon entering the GNR building, the player will be greeted by two door guards from the Brotherhood of Steel. These two NPC's have dialogue intended for the Brotherhood of Steel NPC's at the Citadel, and will tell the player of a man in "the lab" who can teach the player to wear power armor. The lab is not in the GNR building but actually The Citadel.

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