Following in His Footsteps

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Following in His Footsteps
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Location(s) Megaton
Received by Colin Moriarty
Reward(s) 200 EXP
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Following in His Footsteps is a Fallout 3 main-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

After leaving Vault 101, head to Megaton to find out more about your Dad's whereabouts. Talk to a few of the locals in Megaton and the name Colin Moriarty will often creep up. You can find Moriarty at his Saloon. There are many different ways to get information about your Dad from Colin:

  • You can use speech to convince him that James told you about him.
  • You can pay him 100 caps for the info, if you don't have 100 caps he'll charge you 300 the next time you ask him.
  • You can agree to complete the unmarked quest 300 Pieces of Silver, where the objective is to kill Silver in Springvale and return the caps she has not repaid to Colin, though you do not actually have to Silver, you can just make her give you the caps.

If you're going for Bad Karma you can:

  • Break into Moriarty's locker to get the password for his terminal which has all the information about James.
  • If you have the Lady Killer/Black Widow perk you can charm Nova into giving you the password.

If you've done nothing but the main quest so far then the game should of been a walk in the park so far, this will be the first real challenge that requires you to move away from the safety of Megaton and head out into the Wasteland. It's recommended that you try leveling up in close by areas such as the Super Duper Mart or Springvale Elementary School which consists mainly of low level Raiders. Also head to Craterside Supply in Megaton and pick up the Armored Vault 101 Jumpsuit for free from Moira.

[edit] The Metro Tunnels

Whichever path you chose to get information about your Dad, they will all tell you that he was heading towards Galaxy News Radio. The closest Metro Station leading to the Chevy Chase District is the Farragut West Metro Station which is located directly east of Vault 101, so if you're traveling from Megaton head slightly North-East. The Metro Station is home to many Mole Rats, Feral Ghouls and a few Ghoul Roamers, these shouldn't be too much of a problem if you've leveled up. Head North-East in the metro tunnels until you come to an exit leading to Friendship Heights, from here head to the next Metro tunnel called Tenleytown/Friendship Station which is a short Metro tunnel that directly connects the two stations. At the other end of the tunnel is the Chevy Chase district where you'll find a few Super Mutants and Brotherhood of Steel members, dispose of the Super Mutants (or leave it to the Brotherhood) and then talk the the Brotherhood member without a helmet on called Sarah Lyons. She has no interest in helping you but says you can tag along at your own risk, follow the Brotherhood through the ruins of the Early Dawn Elementary while fighting plenty of Super Mutants, if you running low on ammo or health you can stand back and let the Brotherhood do all the damage, continue following them until they reach Galaxy News Radio Plaza.

[edit] Galaxy News Radio

The GNR Plaza
The GNR Plaza has become the battle ground for a war between the Super Mutants and the Brotherhood. The plaza consists of Super Mutants, Brutes and Masters. Once they've all been cleared you'll have about a minute to regroup before your hit with an even bigger threat, head to the fountain in the center of the plaza and you'll find the body of a Brotherhood member who has a Fat Man on him, take the Fat Man then moments later you'll hear an explosion to the North-West of the plaza followed by a Super Mutant Behemoth which is 3 times the size of a regular human. There are 2 easy ways to kill the Behemoth, you can use the Fat Man which will take him down quick and easy but you risk killing nearby Brotherhood members which could turn them hostile (be sure to save the game before launching the Fat Man just in case) or you can head back into the Early Dawn Elementary and shoot him down from there, this will use up a lot more Ammunition but the Behemoth cannot reach you inside the school. After the Behemoth's dead loot him body for a huge amount of ammo and weapons then head towards the door of the GNR building, the doors are locked but talk to the Brotherhood member via the intercom and he'll unlock them. Head up the 2 cases of stairs to meet Three Dog, when you ask him about your Dad he says that he knows where your Dad is but you have to contribute to the "good fight" before he'll tell you, there's a speech option which can skip the next quest if it's successful otherwise you'll have to do the Galaxy News Radio Quest.

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