Flash of Big Town.png
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Big Town
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Flash is a member of Big Town and former resident of Little Lamplight.

Flash has was previously in a relationship with Bittercup. He tells the player that he was disappointed at how she only talked about death or her clothing and make-up. Flash reveals the he feels sorry for Pappy, who was in a relationship with her longer than anyone else. He states that a person can only take so much of Bittercup before they crack.

Flash seems to take pride in his "special" weapon. The weapon, in fact, is far from special. It is a standard .32 Pistol. When the player first meets Flash, they can threaten him. He will respond by saying, "Hey buddy, suck my Brahmin meat. We're all Super Mutants here." After continually threatening him he will say, "Hey, take it easy, I was only joking. None of us have any real experience with guns."

[edit] Big Trouble in Big Town

Main Article: Big Trouble in Big Town

When the player first speaks with him after accepting the quest, there will be a dialogue option to kill him. This results in the entire Town becoming hostile towards the player.

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