Fallout 3 Unmarked Quests

This is a list of unmarked quests in Fallout 3 that are often started by talking to a certain character or finding a note/holotape. These Quests don't appear in your Pip-Boy and usually take place within the town or city where it was started.

Name Location Quest Giver Reward
300 Pieces of Silver Colin Moriarty or Silver 400 Caps.
A Broken Robot Random Encounter Scavenger
A Manhandled Manservant Rockopolis Argyle Key to Herbert Dashwood's safe
A Nice Day for a Right Wedding Rivet City Angela Staley Good Karma
A Sticky Situation Little Lamplight Sticky Caps
Biwwy's Wazer Wifle Little Lamplight Biwwy Wazer Wifle
Caching in with Three Dog Galaxy News Radio Three Dog
Cherry's Freedom Dukov's Place Cherry Karma
Council Seat Rivet City Bannon Deathclaw Gauntlet Schematics
Economics of Violence Paradise Falls Pronto 20% discount at the Lock and Load.
Election Day Republic of Dave Dave
Gallows Humor Citadel Paladin Kodiak 1000 Caps
Grady's Package Marigold Station Grady's corpse Naughty Nightwear
High Plains Drifter Dickerson Tabernacle Chapel Drifter
Hired Help Underworld Ahzrukhal Charon as your companion.
Jiggs' Loot Museum of Technology Prime 500 Caps, Xuanlong Assault Rifle
John's Treasure Box Random Encounter Wastelander Note
JP Stash Note Sewer Hidden Stash Note Ammo Grenades
Just for the Taste of It Nuka-Cola Factory Winger Mercier
Leo's Drug Habit Megaton Doc Church
  • Drugs
  • Good/Bad Karma
  • XP
Light-Fingers Hargrave Rivet City James Hargrave Ammo
Lincoln's Profit Margins Museum of History Abraham Washington, Hannibal Hamlin, Leroy Walker Caps
Merchant Empire Canterbury Commons Uncle Roe Extra stock and Higher Repair skills for the Caravan Merchants
Our Little Secret Andale Old Man Harris Karma
Overdose Rivet City Paulie Cantelli Bad Karma
Rube's Gold Ribbon Gold Ribbon Grocers Entering the store
Searching for Cheryl L'Enfant finding the burial mound Mini Nuke
Slave Hunt Rivet City Mei Wong
Suicide Watch Rivet City Mister Lopez Karma
The Lost Initiate Falls Church Paladin Hoss 250 XP
The Kid-Kidnapper Paradise Falls Eulogy Jones Boogeyman's Hood
The Preacher Seward Square Random Wastelander
The Runaways Rivet City James Hargrave Karma
Ticking Timebomb Big Town Timebomb
Treatment Megaton Walter
Worst. Doctor. Ever Citadel Sawbones Free healing at the Citadel.

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