Fallout 3 Companions

The Lone Wanderer accompanied by Dogmeat

There are 8 different companions in Fallout 3 who can follow you on your journey through the Capital Wasteland. 6 of those followers will require a certain level of Karma in order to join you. Unlike previous games these companions don't require their own Experience Points, they will level up as you do.

Most of these companions come equipped with their own Weapons and Armor (except Dogmeat), but you can still assign most of them to new armor and weapons, the only exceptions are Dogmeat and Sergeant RL-3. Fawkes can't be assigned new armor because he's a Super Mutant, but you can still change his weapons.


[edit] Permanent Companions

Companion Karma Requirement Default Armor Default Ranged Weapon Default Melee Weapon Carries
Butch DeLoria Neutral Tunnel Snake Outfit 10mm Pistol Butch's Toothpick 193.5
Charon None Leather Armor Combat Shotgun Combat Knife 183.5
Clover Evil Pre-war Spring Outfit Sawed-Off Shotgun Chinese Officer's Sword 194.5
Dogmeat None n/a Bite n/a n/a
Fawkes Good Vault 87 Jumpsuit Gatling Laser Fawkes' Super Sledge 229.5
Jericho Evil Leather Armor Chinese Assault Rifle Nail Board 183.5
Sergeant RL-3 Neutral n/a Plasma Rifle Flamer 197.5
Star Paladin Cross Good Power Armor Laser Pistol Super Sledge 168.5

[edit] Temporary Followers

Aswell as the Permanant followers, there's also certain NPC's that will have to follow you as part of a quest. While doing the quest these followers can be re-assigned new armor and weapons. Many of them can be turned into permanent followers by refusing to finish the quest, they will continue to follow you until the quest is complete or they are killed in action.

The following can all be used as temporary followers:

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