Fallout 3 Ammunition

This page shows all the different types of ammunition available in Fallout 3 and what weapons they're used for.

Name Weapon Class Weapons Value
.308 Caliber Round Small Guns 3
.32 Caliber Round Small Guns 1
.44 Round Small Guns 2
10mm Round Small Guns 1
5.56mm Rounds Small Guns 1
BB's Small Guns 1
Dart Small Guns 1
Railway Spikes Small Guns 2
Shotgun Shell Small Guns 2
5mm Round Big Guns 1
Electron Charge Pack Big Guns 1
Flamer Fuel Big Guns 1
Missile Big Guns 50
Mini Nuke Big Guns 250
Alien Power Cell Energy Weapons 10
Energy Cell Energy Weapons 2
Microfusion Cell Energy Weapons 3
Mesmetron Power Cell Energy Weapons 10
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