Forced Evolutionary Virus

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The Forced Evolutionary Virus is one of the main causes of mutation in the Wasteland along side Radiation. In Fallout 3 the FEV virus was being tested in Vault 87, humans were being transformed into Super Mutants and the DNA of various animals were being mixed together to create Centaurs.

Soon the Super Mutants in the vault were becoming too strong and started overpowering the scientists and eventually broke free into the Capital Wasteland. Despite the death of all the original researchers, Super Mutants are still being created within the vault. Inside Vault 87 you can hear a conversation between two mutants and they talk about dragging people down to the vault a dipping them in "Green Stuff".

You can get a modified version of the FEV Virus from President John Henry Eden during the Finding the Garden of Eden quest. It can be added to the water in Project Purity and will kill anyone who drinks it if they've been affected by Radiation or the FEV.

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