F. Scott Key Trail & Campground

F. Scott Key Trail & Campground
F.Scott Key Trail & Campground.JPG
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader n/a
Main Locals Mole Rats
Yao Guai
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest

F. Scott Key Trail & Campground is a camp site found to the south of Girdershade in the Capital Wasteland. The Dunwich Building can be seen in the distance.

The area is inhabited by Yao Guai, Mole Rats and a couple of Deathclaws so the player might want to come prepared when visiting this location. A Wastelander lives inside the camper van on site. He will be attacked by a Deathclaw, and most certainly die unless the player intervene. Even if he is saved, there are no dialogue options.

Oddly enough near the outskirts of the camp there is a patch of green grass. This is most likely the only patch of green grass in the Capital Wasteland, excluding Oasis.

[edit] Loot

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