Race Robot
Affiliation Enclave
Location Capital Wasteland
Appearances Fallout 3

Eyebots are Enclave robots that travel throughout the Capital Wasteland playing the Enclave Radio, which is used to spread Eden's message. They play the same messages that can be heard from your Pip-Boy 3000.

If Raven Rock is destroyed, Eyebots will only broadcast static messages.

They are armed with an in-built Laser Pistol, and are friendly towards the player and other Wastelanders. They are however, hostile towards the Outcasts due to their faction alignment. They are also hostile to the Brotherhood of Steel. When they explode they have a splash effect, damaging all around.

Eyebots will come to the player's aid in battle and will seeks out hostiles such as Radscorpions or Raiders. If, however, they are accompanied by Enclave soldiers, they will attack anything on sight, including the player.

In the event the player hears a random explosion in the Wastes, it is usually the destruction of an Eyebot.

It is possible for the player to obtain an Eyebot Helmet during the quest The Waters of Life. A unique variant is available from Crow if you invest in him. It is called Crow's Eyebot Helmet.

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