Mini Gun.png
Maximum Damage 105
Damage Type Normal
Ammo Type 5mm Round
Ammo Capacity 240
Weight 18
Value 1500 Caps

Eugene is a Big Guns weapon in Fallout 3, it's a unique variation of the Minigun. It is 50% more durable than a standard Minigun and is also much more powerful. At full condition, Eugene is nearly as powerful as a Gatling Laser, plus it's much easier to repair and the 5mm Rounds are much more common than Electron Charge Packs.

[edit] Reilly's Rangers Quest

Main Article: Reilly's Rangers Quest

At the end of the quest your given a choice of reward, between Ranger Battle Armor or Eugene. The best option is to pick the Ranger Battle Armor because you can still pickpocket Eugene from one of the Rangers called Brick.

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