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Portable Laser Beacon

"The raw power of the sun, contained in an easy-to-carry package!"
Maximum Damage
Damage Type Laser
Ammo Type
Ammo Capacity

The Portable Laser Beacon is a weapon in Fallout: New Vegas. If the player helped Fantastic get the super laser Archimedes II in Helios One operational, he/she can use this weapon against enemies.

When the Courier aims the beacon and "presses a button" the orbital laser (possibly Archimedes II) fires on the target.

[edit] Location

This weapon is found in Freeside, being used by a boy named Max, who believes that the gun is simply a toy as he doesn't have any charges for it. He can be seen chasing a girl around with it. It can be purchased for 1000 caps, or with a high Barter skill, purchase for 20 caps, claiming it has little value, for a toy.

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