Enclave Radio

Enclave Radio

Enclave Radio, is a radio station used by the Enclave to spread President Eden's message. It is broadcast through Raven Rock. The Enclave use Eyebots to broadcast Eden's words throughout the Capital Wasteland.

The player may also listen to Enclave Radio through their Pipboy. At the beginning of the game, this is the only station the player can access, as Galaxy News Radio cannot be heard until the player boosts their signal through the Washington Monument.

Nathan in Megaton often hums tunes from Enclave Radio and believes that the Enclave are trying to help people.

Their is much debate among some NPC's as to whether the station is a live broadcast or just an old machine playing on a loop, due to the repetition in the broadcasts.

[edit] Broadcasts

The Enclave Radio usually consists of patriotic songs that are broken up by President Eden who has many discussions about different things such as baseball or his pet dog. Usually these end in patriotic songs and Eden claiming that the Enclave will save America. He constantly be-riddles the previous government for causing the Great War and promises that the Enclave are here to help. According to Eden he will surrender his Presidential post if he is not selected in the next election. He never states when this will be.

During The Waters of Life quest, President Eden will claim how the Enclave is finally taking control saying, that they are "in your cities, in your homes, and in your life" as they attempt to dominate America.

If Raven Rock is destroyed, the Radio will be taken offline and will only broadcast static.

If Eden survives Raven Rock because the player decides to not initiate the self-destruct method, Eden will proclaim how America will return to its former glory. He assumes the player will inject the FEV into the Purifier.

[edit] Take it Back!

During and after the Take it Back! quest line, Enclave Radio will continue on a loop, stating:

"Stand now, at the precipice. A great nation once more threatens to crumble, to topple into the sea of lawlessness and despair that have ruled us all for over 200 years. In short, my dearest America... We... Are... At... War! Even as I speak these words, fearless Enclave Soldiers are fortifying their positions at the great water purifier, bracing for an inevitable assault. The Brotherhood of Steel, in arrogance, has claimed Project Purity as their own; they would steal the Enclave's work, steal America's water; only a matter of time before the traitors march on the purifier, an attempt to take it by force. Let them come! Wave upon traitorous wave will crash against the Enclave's walls. The Brotherhod of Steel will fail. All those who oppose the Enclave will fail! I am President John Henry Eden, and this is my pledge. No one... NO ONE, will take this great nation from me! God bless the Enclave. God bless America."

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