Enclave Hellfire Armor

Enclave Hellfire Armor
Hellfire Power Armor.png
Damage Resistance 50
Weight 40
Cost 1000
Effects: Fire Resistance +30

Strength +1
Radiation Resistance +15

Enclave Hellfire Armor is an advanced form of Power Armor created by the Enclave. The armor was added to Fallout 3 in the third DLC pack Broken Steel. It currently has the highest Damage Resistance in the game alongside the T-51b Power Armor, they both have 50 DR.

Wearing the Hellfire Power Armor will increase Strength by +1 ,Radiation Resistance by +15 and Fire Resistance by +30. It can only be repaired with with other sets of Hellfire Power Armor.

You'll come across many Hellfire soldiers during the new Broken Steel quests, they will also replace some regular Enclave soldiers during random encounters in the Capital Wasteland.

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