Enclave Logo.png
Founder: Unknown
Leader(s): Dick Richardson
John Henry Eden
Location(s): Raven Rock
Oil Rig

The Enclave are a military organisation that worked for the U.S Government before the Great War. When the bombs fell in 2077, most of the Enclave were evacuated to a secret military base located on an oil rig, close to California. When they finally emerged from the oil rig, they found their world had been transformed into a Wasteland filled with radiation and mutation.

They made it their goal to remove all mutated forms of life from the wasteland so that America could be pure again. The only problem was that the Enclave considered anyone outside of their organisation to be mutated or irradiated in some way, even if they didn't look it.

The Enclave discovered that a Forced Evolutionary Virus was responsible for the mutation in the wasteland. From this, they were able to create a modified version of the FEV which could be lethal to everyone in the wasteland. They planned on releasing this virus into the air, killing everyone in the wasteland. However they were stopped by someone known only as The Chose One, who infiltrated the Enclave's Oil Rig and destroyed it, along with the FEV Virus.

The Enclave's main base and the majority of it's people had been destroyed on the Oil Rig, but the Enclave were not completely wiped out, they still had a small base on the East-Coast at a place called Raven Rock in the Capital Wasteland.

[edit] Fallout 3

Raven Rock was the Enclave's base of operations during 2277. It is located in the northwestern corner of the Capital Wasteland. The entire base in garrisoned by Enclave soldiers and scientists. Vertibirds were stored here for Enclave excursions. Indies the wall of Raven Rock layer the Enclave leader, President Eden. Here, he dictated the Enclaves actions and broadcast his message through the Wastes via the Enclave Radio. This was also the location of the commanding officer of Encalve forces, Colonel Autumn.

The Enclave used the Satellite Relay Station as their main source of communications after the loss of Raven Rock. It was used to give orders to the remaining Enclave soldiers after the devastating loss they suffered at the Purifier. The Relay Station fell into the hands of the Brotherhood of Steel thanks to the aid of the robot Liberty Prime. Although the Brotherhood claimed the Station, they lost Liberty Prime due to an orbital strike called in by the Encalve's Mobile Base Crawler located at Adams Air Force Base.

The Mobile Base Crawler became the Enclaves main base of operations after the destruction/abandonment of Raven Rock. It is located outside of the Capital Wasteland. It housed their remaining Vertibirds, soldiers and artillery emplacements. Inside the Crawler was a satellite communications dish that could call upon orbital strikes from an unknown orbital bombing platform. Eventually the Mobile Base Crawler was destroyed by its own orbital strike and Adams Air Force Base is now controlled by the Brotherhood of Steel.

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