Election Day

Election Day
Location(s) Republic of Dave
Received by Dave
Reward(s) Ol' Painless
Related Quests You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head

Election Day is an unmarked quest in Fallout 3. It is acquired in the Republic of Dave. Dave requests from the Lone Wanderer to go around to each adult (Shawna, Rosie, Bob, and Jessica) in the small town and remind them that it is Election Day. The player can also persuade some of the other adults (Rosie and Bob, before they vote) to run against Dave and rig the results to make the person win.

If the player does Dave's bidding he/she will get 25 caps. However if the player chooses to let Bob/Rosie win (you can convince them to run against Dave through a speech check) he/she needs to rig the ballot box.

[edit] Rigging the Ballot Box

The player can only rig the ballot box when Dave is about to open the box to count the votes (after everyone has voted) because it is locked beforehand. Walk with Dave towards the ballot box, and when he opens it quickly click the box. Now you have the choice of removing or placing ballots. Remove all the ballots voting for Dave/other candidate, and leave only one ballot for your selected candidate. Dave will read the name out loud.

Once Dave has read the name, he will get angry and leave for Old Olney to create a new republic. He will be mauled by a Deathclaw and die.

[edit] Notes

  • Once Bob/Rosie wins, he/she will give you the combination for Dave's safe. It contains a unique Hunting Rifle, Ol' Painless. It has increased damage, very good accuracy, and bullets do not curve at all when using this weapon. It is considered a "must-have" weapon.
  • Many players use this unmarked quest to complete the quest You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head. Let Rosie/Bob win, and follow Dave to Old Olney. Once there, shoot Dave in the head. This will allow the residents of the Republic of Dave to still be friendly towards you.
  • Rigging the ballot box gives you bad karma, and taking Ol' Painless from the safe (and other things) still gives you bad karma.

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