Madison Li

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Dr. Madison Li
Dr. Li.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Rivet City
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Dr. Madison Li is a resident of Rivet City. She, along with Dr. Anna Holt and Dr. Janice Kaplinski are working on food experiments when the player first ventures into her lab. She was previously on the science team working on Project Purity along with the players father, James. She was skeptical that their Project could even be completed.

Three Dog directs the player to Dr. Li after the player installs the Satellite Dish. He is able to tell you that she worked with your Father once.

Although she remains skeptical she is quickly convinced to finish the Project that was abandoned when James returns to Rivet City. She was beside the player when James died when the Enclave invaded the Purifier. She convinces the player to aid the other scientists by bringing them to the Citadel. When one of the Brotherhood of Steel guards told her to leave, she screamed into a speaker for Lyons to open the gate, which he proceeded to do.

She stayed at the Citadel helping the Brotherhood of Steel until the player and Lyons' Pride launched an attack on the Purifier.

After the events at the Purifier, the player is told that she has left the Capital Wasteland to go to the Commonwealth. Dr. Li hopes to pursue other scientific dreams.

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