Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Rivet City
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Diego is a resident of Rivet City and a trainee priest. He is practising his priesthood at Saint Monica's Church in Rivet City. He is practising with the help of Father Clifford.

Diego is secretly romancing Angela Staley, the daughter of Gary Staley. The player can help him choose between the Church and Angela.

To get Diego to leave Angela, the player can:

  • Threaten Diego by telling him you will tell Father Clifford about his secret relationship. Doing this will make Diego leave Angela and follow the Church.
  • Continue to press Diego about the subject of his relationship. Doing this will eventually make him tell Angela to stay away from him and never speak to him again.

To get Diego to leave the Church and be with Angela, the player can:

  • Lie to Father Clifford about the secret relationship by telling him that Diego and Angela are sleeping together. This will force him to excommunicate Diego from the Church, allowing him to be with Angela.
  • Give Angela the Ant Queen Pheromones to help her seduce Diego. Doing this will make Diego leave the church to be with Angela.

Helping Angela will result in her marrying Diego. The player can also attend the wedding.

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