Cryo Mine

Cryo Mine
Cryo Mine.png
Maximum Damage 1 (Paralysed 3 sec/Frozen 4 sec)
Damage Type Explosive
Ammo Type n/a
Ammo Capacity n/a
Weight 0.5

The Cryo Grenade is a weapon that the player can obtain during the course of the Mothership Zeta DLC. They can freeze the target that walks in their proximity for 4 seconds.

To get the Cryo Mines, the player must first awaken Elliot Tercorien from his stasis tube. Afterwards, bring him with you to the Cryo Labs during the Among the Stars quest. When you return to the Engineering Core, you can ask Elliot Tercorien to create the Mines for you. Elliot can create 2 Cryo Mines and 2 Cryo Grenades every 3 hours.

After the completion of the Mothership Zeta expansion, Elliot loses the ability to create any Cryo weapons.

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