Colonel Autumn

Colonel Autum
Fallout 3 Colonel Augustus Autumn.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation President Eden
Location Raven Rock
Temporarily The Purifier
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Colonel Agustus Autumn was the commanding officer of all Enclave forces in the East Coast. He learned from his father that President Eden was actually a self-aware ZAX super computer.

Colonel Autumn followed Eden's orders although at times there was arguments between the two. Autumn was in command during the Enclaves assault on the Purifier. He was shown to apparently perish along with the players father, James when the Purifier became flooded with Radiation. However, he injected himself with a powerful agent - perhaps the Enclave equivalent of Rad Away or Rad-X.

Colonel Autumn Injects Himself With A Powerful Agent

He captures the player when they are leaving Vault 87 and escorts them via Vertibird to Raven Rock, where Autumn interrogates you. He eventually betrays President Eden and orders his troops to kill you. Autumn departs from Raven Rock and returns to the Purifier.

[edit] Autumn's Fate

When the player finally reaches Colonel Autumn at the end of the Take it Back! quest, your a presented with a decision of how to deal with him. The player may:

  • Kill Colonel Autumn in combat.
  • Argue with him and let him live, through a difficult Speech check that depends on weather or not Raven Rock was destroyed.
    • If the players karma is neutral, Sarah Lyons remarks that the Brotherhood outside will probably kill Autumn - Most likely Liberty Prime.
    • If the players karma is very high, Sarah Lyons will remark she is not surprised by the players actions. She states that Autumn will one day return to cause trouble.
    • If the players karma is very low, Sarah Lyons will remark that she is surprised that you showed mercy.

Even if Colonel Autumn is spared, he will not return in Broken Steel.

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