Location South-East Washington
Leader Elder Lyons
Main Locals Sarah Lyons
Star Paladin Cross
Owyn Lyons
Paladin Gunny
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest Citadel Courtyard
Related Quests The Waters of Life
Picking up the Trail
The American Dream
Take it Back!
Death From Above
Shock Value
Who Dares Wins

The Citadel is the east-coast headquarters of the techno-worshiping faction, the Brotherhood of Steel, in Fallout 3. It is built around and inside the ruins of the Pentagon Building. It's located north-east of the Arlington Library, and is extremely close to Jefferson Memorial.

You can gain access to this place after The Waters of Life quest, and start Power Armor Training from Paladin Gunny. This location is also a good source of caps since most of the BoS soldiers have power armor and laser weapons which sell for high prices, and the inhabitants of the Citadel usually forgive you for a death after 24 hours.

At the end of the Broken Steel Add-on main quest, Who Dares Wins, you have the option of destroying the Citadel, becoming a traitor to the Brotherhood of Steel. Doing so unlocks another armory in the Citadel, which holds a safe containing Callahan's Magnum.


[edit] Location

The Pentagon or Citadel itself is by the sea and the heavy metal gates can usually be seen from a distance. Paladin Bael keeps watch at the gate with a Sentry Bot and a couple of other soldiers, usually armed with heavy weapons like Missile Launchers and Miniguns, and in same cases Fat Mans. There is a strong brotherhood presence all around the area, and when the Enclave occupied the purifier and heavily armed Enclave soldiers began to be dropped off by Vertibirds, tension rose.

[edit] History

A Squad of Brotherhood members led by Owyn Lyons (who was a Paladin at the time) were sent from their main base in California, Lost Hills, to Washington D.C. to look for advanced technology and check out the reports of Super Mutants in the area. While searching the Capital Wasteland, the Brotherhood came across a damaged, but still intact Pentagon. While searching the ruins of this former military masterpiece, they discovered Liberty Prime, a giant robot originally built by the U.S military to help them liberate Alaska from the Chinese, however Liberty Prime wasn't finished on schedule and after the bombs fell it was left abandoned deep in undergrounds of the Pentagon.

The discovery of Liberty Prime was enough to get Owyn Lyons promoted from Paladin to Elder, his next job was to set up a new Brotherhood base in the Citadel, continue looking for advanced technology and work on completing Liberty Prime.

The following main quests involve this location or are obtained here:

[edit] The Waters of Life

Main Article: The Waters of Life

After your encounter with Colonel Autumn in the Jefferson Memorial, you need to escape the purifier with Dr. Lee and other scientists through the Taft Tunnels, a metro tunnel running from the memorial to the Citadel. This quest allows access to the Citadel.

[edit] Picking up the Trail

Main Article: Picking up the Trail

Right after the previous events the player speaks with Owyn and is sent to Vault 87 to find it's GECK to fix the purifier. The Citadel isn't visited again anytime in this quest and is only a starting or receiving point. The quest after this is Finding the Garden of Eden.

[edit] The American Dream

Main Article: The American Dream

In this quest you are kidnapped and held hostage by the Enclave in Raven Rock. When the player manages to escape from the Enclave base he/she reunites with the friendly super-mutant Fawkes and seeks shelter in the Citadel. You then tell Owyn and Lyon's Pride about the situation and became an official member of the Brotherhood of Steel, and have the option of choosing between Recon Power Armor or Brotherhood Power Armor to help you in the coming assault.

[edit] Take it Back!

Main Article: Take it Back!

This is the last quest of the original Fallout 3 main-quests, and it ends the game if you do not have Broken Steel installed.

The player heads out from the Citadel and assaults the Jefferson Memorial with Brotherhood of Steel soldiers, including the giant Pre-War American robot, Liberty Prime. You eventually reach the purifier after a long and hard battle and confront Autumn, where you have the choice of letting him go or killing him. Now, it's time to make biggest decision in the game, putting the FEV into the water, sacrificing yourself for the Capital Wasteland, letting Sarah Lyons do it, or simply doing nothing.

[edit] Death From Above

Main Article: Death From Above

Being the first quest of the Broken Steel main story arc, Death From Above sends you to the Satellite Relay Station to destroy an Enclave base, again a long with Liberty Prime and a new character Paladin Tristan.

[edit] Shock Value

Main Article: Shock Value

The Citadel is once again only used as a receiving or starting point in this quest. Paladin Tristan asks the player to retrieve a Tesla Coil from the Old Olney Powerworks in Old Olney, an abandoned Deathclaw-infested town. This is where you can also find the Medic Power Armor.

[edit] Who Dares Wins

Main Article: Who Dares Wins

In this last and final main quest of Fallout 3 the player is sent from the Citadel to outside the Capital Wasteland, to Adams Airforce Base, through the Presidential Metro. The location is one of the last fortified Enclave bases and must be destroyed. Another big decision can be made in this quest, destroying the Base, or destroying the Citadel.

[edit] Residents

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