Church Donations

Church Donations
Confessor Cromwell.jpg
Location(s) Megaton
Rivet City
Received by Confessor Cromwell
Father Clifford
Reward(s) Good Karma

Church Donations is an unmarked quest and repeatable quest in Fallout 3 that can be acquired in Megaton or Rivet City.

Confessor Cromwell in Megaton has a dialogue option about donations to the Church of Atom. If the player/Lone Wanderer chooses this dialogue choice he/she has the option of giving him various amounts of caps to build and fund his church. In exchange you will receive good karma for your charity. This can done at any time in Fallout 3.

The same route can be taken in St. Monicas Church in Rivet City by speaking to Father Clifford.

[edit] Rewards

This is the amounts of caps you can choose and the karma that goes a long with them, all karma is good:

  • 10 caps +10 karma
  • 50 caps +50 karma
  • 100 caps +100 karma

[edit] Notes

  • Giving to a church gives more good karma than giving Purified Water to a beggar, and if you have the caps, is a very good way of getting karma.
  • Father Clifford has a donation box in his church that can be lockpicked.
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