Chinese Assault Rifle

Chinese Assault Rifle
Chinese Assault Rifle 2.png
Maximum Damage 53
Damage Type Normal
Ammo Type 5.56mm Rounds
Ammo Capacity 24
Weight 7
Value 500 Caps

The Chinese Assault Rifle is a Small Guns weapon in Fallout 3 and is better than the standard Assault Rifle. In real life it is called the Chinese type 56. It was a modified version of the legendary AK-47, designed for power and ammo capacity. However, the extra magazine capacity in Fallout 3 is with the Xuanlong Assault Rifle. This just deals more damage.

If you find the weapon, keep it. It's recommended you hold on to it as it comes in handy for everyday wasteland purposes or for commercial value;

In the Fallout 3 Add-on: Operation: Anchorage, they are reskinned, giving a brown grip and black metal. You can aquire two of them within the beginning of the Add-On. It is possible to aquire more of them by using the Paralyzing Palm Perk to take their ammo, then doing it again to take the gun after they resort to their fists or another weapon. By use of the Gary 23 glitch, it is possible to have a simulation verison of the Chinese Assault Rifle, that has a maximum of 103 damage.

[edit] Economics of Violence

Main Article: Economics of Violence

You can trade 20 of them with the shopkeeper of Lock and Load in Paradise Falls for an increased product range in this unmarked quest.

The rifle is found on many characters such as Lucas Simms (sheriff of Megaton), Jericho (Negative karma follower in Megaton), and even Dave (leader of the Republic of Dave). It is also found on many Super Mutant Masters in DC.

[edit] Locations

Chinese Assault Rifles can be found in several different locations.

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