Race Ghoul
Affiliation n/a
Location Underworld
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:

Combat Armor
Charon's Shotgun

Charon is the bouncer for the Underworld's "Ninth Circle". If you commit any crimes in Underworld Charon will become enraged and attack you, regardless of whether or not you hold his contract.

He carries Charon's Shotgun; a unique variation of the Combat Shotgun, that has greater length and damage then the original. The Lone Wanderer may have a hard time getting Charon to equip different weapons, due to the power of his Shotgun.

[edit] Hired Help

Main Article: Hired Help

He'll join you once you gain possession of "Charon's Contract", which can be purchased from Ahzrukhal for 2000 (1000 with speech skill) caps, or you can steal it from Greta in "Carol's Place".

[edit] Take it Back!

Main Article: Take it Back!

If Broken Steel is installed then Charon can be persuaded to activate the purifier. If not then he will flat out refuse.

[edit] Notes

  • Charon acts and speaks politely, and says things like "as you wish". This might let the player believe he was a brainwashed slave.
  • Charon will cry "Nooo!" when you kill someone in underworld when he is in your party.
  • When you acquire Charon's contract he kills Ahzrukhal with a shot to the head. If you talk to him afterwords he'll say something a long the lines of "Ahzrukhal was an evil man, I had to do it".

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