Caravan Merchants

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There are 4 Caravan Merchants in Fallout 3 that travel the Capital Wasteland, trading supplies with various settlements. They all travel with a pack Brahmin and a Caravan Guard who's durability is on par with a Super Mutant Master. Each merchant specializes in a certain type of equipment and each have the ability to repair your weapons.

[edit] Merchants

Merchant Goods sold Min Repair skill Max Repair skill Max Repair Condition
Crazy Wolfgang Junk 15 75 85%
Crow Armor 15 65 79%
Doc Hoff Drugs and Medicine 15 65 79%
Lucky Harith Weapons and Ammunition 20 70 82%

[edit] Travel Route

All merchants rotate around the same route in the Capital Wasteland. They stop off at the following places.

[edit] Investing

If you speak to Uncle Roe in Canterbury Commons he'll allow you to invest in each of the Caravan Merchants as part of an Unmarked Quest called Merchant Empire. You can invest in each merchant twice, the first investment will cost 200 Caps and the second costs 500. Each investment will improve the quality and quantity that each merchant carries, it will also improve their Repair skill.

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