Canterbury Commons

Canterbury Commons
Canterbury Commons.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Leader Uncle Roe
Main Locals
  • AntAgonizer
  • The Mechanist
  • Derek Pacion
  • Appearances Fallout 3
    Places of Interest
  • Robot Repair Center
  • AntAgonizer's Lair
  • Related Quests
  • The Superhuman Gambit
  • Canterbury Commons is a small town located directly north of Vault 108 and to the south-east of Temple of the Union. The town has a population of only 5 locals and 2 crazy "Super Heroes" called The Mechanist and the AntAgonizer who live on the outskirts of Canterbury Commons but use the town as a battle ground.

    The town was founded by Uncle Roe who made it into a trading hub for the Caravan Merchants. He founded it in the remnants of an old pre-war town, this town is an easily visible landmark. By talking to Uncle Roe you can invest you money in the merchants which will increase their stock and their Repair skill. All the caravan owners have some sort of storage unit in Uncle Roe's house you can unlock with a key that is found on their body.

    The buildings in the town are, Uncle Roe's House, Joe Porter's Diner, The D'Ellsadro house, a few other ruins, and a Brahmin pen.


    [edit] The Superhuman Gambit

    Main Article: The Superhuman Gambit

    Uncle Roe asks the Lone Wanderer to help solve the problem of The Mechanist and the AntAgonizer using the town as a battleground. The player can choose which super hero he wants to kill.

    [edit] Merchant Empire

    Main Article: Merchant Empire

    In this unmarked quest, Uncle Roe asks the player if they can unite the four caravan merchants into a group. The player must find Crazy Wolfgang, Crow, Doc Hoff and Lucky Harith and invest Caps into their caravans.

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