Caching in with Three Dog

Caching in with Three Dog
Caching in with Three Dog.jpg
Location(s) Galaxy News Radio

Hamilton's Hideaway

Received by Three Dog
Reward(s) Guns and Bullets

Mini Nuke
Stealth Boy
Combat Armor
Combat Helmet
Assault Rifle

Related Quests Galaxy News Radio Quest

Caching in with Three Dog is an Unmarked Quest in Fallout 3. It can be started by not doing the Galaxy News Radio Quest until you've found information about James from someone other than Three Dog. For example, head straight to Rivet City after completing the Following in His Footsteps quest, then go back and do the GNR quest. After completing the quest Three Dog will reward you with a key to a weapons cache in Hamilton's Hideaway.

Head over to Hamilton's Hideaway which is located to the east of Arefu. Inside the caves you'll find Raiders and Radscorpions, the weapons cache is located in the far north of the caves, behind a locked gate. Unlock it with the key you got from Three Dog and you'll find the weapons cache.

[edit] Reward

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