Bryan Wilks

Brian Wilks
Bryan Wilks.jpg
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Grayditch
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests
  • Those!
  • Drops Items:


    Bryan Wilks is a young boy from Grayditch. He can be found between the Super Duper Mart and Wilhelm's Wharf looking for someone to help him. His town has been over run by Fire Ants and he can't find his father, agreeing to help him will start the quest Those!. With either a successful Speech option or the Child at Heart perk you can get a key from Brian that unlocks a dumpster in Grayditch full of weapons and ammo, if you can't get the key the dumpster will require a 100 Lockpick skill to open.

    [edit] Those!

    Main Article: Those!

    For the duration of the quest Brian will hide in a Pulowski Preservation Shelter near the diner in Grayditch, at the end of the quest you'll have the option of finding Brian a new home or leaving him alone in Grayditch. If you choose to find him a new home you can send him to his cousin Vera Weatherly in Rivet City, send him to Little Lamplight or hand him over to the Slavers at Paradise Falls.

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