Brotherhood Outcasts

Brotherhood Outcasts
Outcast Emblem.png
Founder: Henry Casdin
Leader(s): Henry Casdin
Location(s): Fort Independence
Outcast Outpost

The Brotherhood Outcasts are an organization that previously worked for the Capital Wasteland Brotherhood of Steel. They left the Brotherhood of Steel because they believed their leader Elder Lyons was abandoning the Brotherhood's main objective of discovering new technology in the Wasteland. Instead Lyons dedicated his time to helping the Wastelanders and fighting off the Super Mutants, so one day a group of Brotherhood members led by Henry Casdin left the Citadel, made themselves a new base in Fort Independence and continued with the Brotherhood's original objective, to find advanced technology in the Capital Wasteland.

The Outcasts wear the same Power Armor as the Brotherhood of Steel, except it's been painted red and black, they often carry Laser Rifles or Gatling Lasers and sometimes have a Sentry Bot, Robobrain or a Protectron robot with them which has also been painted black and red.

The main base of operations of the Outcasts is Fort Independence, although they have another base that is also in use, the Outcast's Outpost. Whilst the Brotherhood of Steel patrols the ruins of D.C. the Outcasts are more commonly found wandering around the Capital Wasteland. They usually travel in groups of three and are sometimes accompanied by their robotic allies. As the player becomes a higher level, the rank of the Outcasts on patrol will also increase. This will often result in them having better weaponry and increased hit points. They are commonly found in battle against Raiders or other Wasteland threats.

[edit] Ranks Within the Outcasts

The Outcasts have an alternate ranking system in comparison to the Brotherhood of Steel. The difference in the ranking system can be seen here:

Brotherhood of Steel Brotherhood Outcasts
Initiate Initiate
Scribe Specialist
Knight Defender
Paladin Protector
Sentinel n/a
Elder n/a

[edit] Known Outcast Members

Fort Independence:

Outcast's Outpost:

Other Outcast Members:

[edit] Outcast Combat Statistics

An Outcast Patrol in the Wastes

The Outcasts are formidable opponents out in the Capital Wasteland. Outcast patrols are on par with most Brotherhood of Steel patrols. They are superior to every other faction including, Raiders, Talon Company and many other Wasteland oppositions. They are, however, weaker than most Enclave squads that they often encounter, although if the Outcast patrols have any heavy weaponry the will usually emerge the victor. If the Outcasts are accompanied by a robot, they will easily emerge the victor The Outcasts are friendly towards the player, and as such won't attack you on sight. They will come to the players aid against any threats the player may come across.

The Outcasts use a number of different weapons:

An Outcast Sentry Bot

They may also loot weapons from the corpse's of fallen enemies, such as the Plasma Rifle.

The player should also remember that the Outcasts will make extensive use of their robotic companions, such as a Sentry Bot or Protectron These robots will increase the deadliness of a battle that the Outcast takes part in.

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