Bounty Notice

Bounty Notice is a note you can find on a Regulator in Fallout 3, if they hunt you because of your bad karma (random event). The note actually has the player name at the end, but obviously if you named your player something different a different name would appear. The note varies from person to person because it takes race and sex into account.

[edit] Note

"Notice to all Regulators seeking Lawful Bounties in the Capital Wastes:

Let it be known that the following individual is offered for bounty in the sum of 1,000 caps or similar compensation of expended equipment and/or medical expense, for crimes against the good people of the Capital Wasteland and environs:

Name: PC name
Race: PC race
Sex: PC sex

Target is considered armed and extremely dangerous. Capture is NOT recommended -- Bounty will be paid upon proof of death (head). Let's put this devil in the ground and be done with it."

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