Bloomseer Poplar

Bloomseer Poplar
Bloomseer Poplar.png
Race Human
Affiliation n/a
Location Oasis
Appearances Fallout 3
Drops Items:



Bloomseer Poplar is a resident of Oasis. She will reward you during the Oasis Quest if you apply the growth extender to Harold's Heart. She will give the player Poplar's Hood.

After the Oasis Quest, the player can talk to her about your future. When you do so she will reference any Quests you still have to find/accomplish.

[edit] Poplar's Future Predictions

  • "I see a town in need of a savior and a woman in red" - Big Trouble in Big Town
  • "I see a clash between insects and industry and the men that control them" - The Superhuman Gambit
  • "I divine an endless search for knowledge to help others survive the desolation" - The Wasteland Survival Guide
  • "I discern a lonely child trapped in a city on fire" - Those!
  • "I hear the cry of a woman obsessed and the man who desires her" - The Nuka-Cola Challenge
  • "I see a great leader whose message carries through time as a rallying cry to the oppressed and a warning to the oppressors" - Head of State
  • "I feel people's hatred and love for a man who hunts men that aren't men" - The Replicated Man
  • "I divine a group of individuals who society views as monsters and a town suspended above the ground" - Blood Ties
  • "I see a mysterious man and a town on the brink of destruction" - The Power of the Atom
  • "I see a selfish man who lives among the clouds playing a dangerous game with the lives of those below him" - Tenpenny Tower Quest
  • "I picture a place of great sorrow where men are traded for money and treated like Brahmin" - Strictly Business
  • "I see four headless men and a being robbed of its dignity" - You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head
  • "I divine a great document and the passages that changed the face of the world" - Stealing Independence
  • "I feel the torment of a man who returns home and discovers the changes his absence has wrought" - Trouble on the Homefront
  • "I see a woman searching in vain for a relative long lost" - Agatha's Song
  • "I see four-leaf clovers in the sky with time as their deadliest adversary" - Reilly's Rangers Quest

If the player has already completed the Quest, she will not mention it in her predictions.

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