Blood Pack

Blood Pack
Blood Pack.JPG
Addiction Rate None
Effects +1 or +20 HP
Weight 1
Value 5 or 15 Caps

Blood Packs are a type of Medicine in Fallout 3, they can usually be found in First Aid boxes. Using them will increase you Hit Points by +1.

[edit] Blood Ties

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During the quest you will be given the option to learn the Hematophage perk from Vance. Doing this will increase the Hit Points restored when using them to +20.

[edit] I Want to Drink Your Blood

Main Article: I Want to Drink Your Blood

After finishing the quest you can make a deal with Vance that involves The Family protecting Arefu in exchange for Blood Packs. This then gives you the option to sell Blood Packs to Vance for 15 caps.

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