.44 Scoped Magnum.png
Maximum Damage 55
Damage Type Normal
Ammo Type .44 Round
Ammo Capacity 6
Weight 4

The Blackhawk is a Small Guns weapon in Fallout 3. It's a unique variation of the Scoped .44 Magnum that has the highest Damage of any pistol weapon in the game (not including Energy Weapons). It can only be obtained after the Agatha's Song quest.

You can repair the Blackhawk with regular Scoped .44 Magnums.

[edit] Agatha's Song

Main Article: Agatha's Song

Find Agatha some Music Paper and she'll reward you with the BlackHawk. The easiest way to get Music Paper is in the male bathroom in the Living Quarters of Vault 92 where most of the quest takes place.

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