Blackhall Manor

Blackhall Manor
Blackhall Manor.jpg
Location Point Lookout
Owner Obadiah Blackhall
Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests The Dark Heart of Blackhall

Blackhall Manor is a location in Fallout 3 and was added with the Point Lookout DLC. It is only inhabited by Obadiah Blackhall, and a dead Creeper in the basement.

It has a very bleak and dark appearance and the Blackhall family has been in the manor for generations before the Great War, and is a fine example of Victorian architecture, according to Obadiah. Stone columns are in front while quite a lot of windows are seen all over the house.

[edit] The Dark Heart of Blackhall

Main Article: The Dark Heart of Blackhall

If you venture to this manor and speak to Obadiah he will assign this quest. Obadiah asks you to bring a book named The Krivbeknih to him, but it is soon realized that there is more to the request that meets the eye.

[edit] Notable Loot

  • Go up to the second floor and walk in the northern bedroom. A locked safe can be found and once unlocked can have a variety of loot including a Lever-Action Rifle.
  • Possible Stealth Boy in a footlocker upstairs, in the hallway (very easy).
  • 5 Cherry Bombs upstairs, could be used in the quest Murphy's Bombing Run.

[edit] Notes

  • Obadiah will not become hostile if you loot anything from the mansion, probably because he is faking to be physically handicapped, and does not want to be exposed.
  • The entrance to the building is shown to be double doored, but once inside it can be noticed that the exit door only has one.
  • The basement entrance does not show up on the Local Map.
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