Big Trouble in Big Town

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Big Trouble In Big Town
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Location(s) Big Town
Received by Flash
Reward(s) 300 XP

Medical Supplies

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Big Trouble in Big Town is a Fallout 3 side-quest and a trophy/achievement.


[edit] Quest Objectives

Upon entering Big Town, talk to Flash (or any of the locals) and he'll tell you that two their citizens have been kidnapped by Super Mutants. The two citizens are Shorty, and (more importantly) the town's doctor Red. Flash wants you to travel to the Super Mutants main base in Germantown Police HQ to rescue them.

[edit] Germantown HQ

From Big Town make your way north to find the Germantown HQ, you'll likely come across a few Super Mutants and Centaurs along the way. Once you reach the building you can enter in 2 different ways, there's a door on the north side which will lead you to the top floor of the station and there's another door on the west side which leads to the bottom floor, but this requires a 100 Lockpick skill. Red is located on the bottom floor so taking the west door will save you from a few Super Mutant battles and avoid a lot of traps.

[edit] Saving Red

Red in her Prison Cell

Red can be found in a locked prison cell on the bottom floor. On your way down to the bottom floor you should have come across a Super Mutant Master, if you kill him and loot his body you'll find the Germantown Jailors Key, this can be used to open Red's cell door. You can also pick the lock or use a computer terminal on the floor above to open the cell. She will tell you that Shorty was dragged down to the kitchen and that he might still be alive.

[edit] Saving Shorty

If you agree to save Shorty, you can tell Red to come with you or let her stay in the cell for her own protection, either way, leave the prison cells and head east towards the basement. You can find plenty of weapons and ammo in the basement and if you have a Lockpick skill of 50 or over you can find a Fat Man.

Continue along the main corridor of the basement, you'll hear a Super Mutant threatening to kill somebody. As you reach the kitchen you'll see Shorty on his knees with his hands tied up and a Super Mutant standing over him. Kill the Mutant and a few Radroach that are in the room and untie Shorty. Head back up to the bottom floor, if you left Red in the prison cell go get her then leave the building. Fast Travel back to Big Town to complete the quest, you can receive Good Karma and up to 300 Caps depending on your Speech skill.

[edit] Protect the Town

Although the quest ends after you bring Shorty and Red back, it's recommended that you help them from further Super Mutant attacks. Red will approach you and ask for help in defending themselves against the Mutants, depending on your skills you can have up to 6 options from here:

  • If you have a high Science skill, you can fix the town's robots so they can help fight the Super Mutants.
  • If you have a high Explosives skill, you can show them how to plant mines.
  • If you have a high Sneak skill, you can help the residents to hide from the Super Mutants so they think it's a ghost town.
  • If you have a high Small Guns skill, you can teach them how to use basic guns.
  • If you have a high Melee Weapons skill, you can teach them to fight with Melee Weapons.
  • If none of the above skills are high or if you're just looking for a fight, you can choose to take on the Super Mutants yourself.

As soon as you've trained the residents, walk over to the entrance bridge and plant some Frag Mines along the bridge, this should make dealing with the Mutants that much easier. Once the Mutants have attacked and been killed, that should be the last of Big Town's worries, the residents will thank you for your help.

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