Big Town

Big Town
Big Town.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Main Locals Timebomb
Red (after quest)
Appearances Fallout 3
Places of Interest n/a
Related Quests Big Trouble in Big Town

A Sticky Situation
Ticking Timebomb

Big Town is a small settlement in Fallout 3. It's located in the center of the Capital Wasteland, directly north of Vault 101. When the children in Little Lamplight turn 16 they have to leave the caves and head out into the wasteland, most of them end up in Big Town, also known a "Mungoville" to the Lamplight residents.

The town is made up of a small cluster of houses that have been transformed into a fort. Every entrance and exit has been blocked off, with the exception of a small bridge on the north face of the town. When you talk to some of the residents you'll find out that Big Town isn't what it's cracked up to be by the kids in Little Lamplight, and is actually not that bad.


[edit] Big Trouble in Big Town

Main Article: Big Trouble in Big Town

There's a place called Germantown Police HQ located nearby that has been transformed into a Super Mutant base. These Mutants are constantly raiding the town and kidnapping the locals, by the time you arrive, Big Town is down to just 9 residents and two more of them have been just been taken by the Mutants.

[edit] A Sticky Situation

Main Article: A Sticky Situation

Sticky, a boy from Little Lamplight, has just had his 15th birthday and is now labeled a "Mungo", or adult. He was exiled from Little Lamplight and the player has the option as taking him in as a companion and escorting him to Big Town.

[edit] Ticking Timebomb

Main Article: Ticking Timebomb

A man named Timebomb in Big Town is near death, and you have the option to kill him and get bad karma or save him and get good. You can also get the Lucky 8 Ball as a reward depending on what you choose.

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