Benny's full body
Race: Human
Affiliation ("Formerly) The Boot Riders
The Chairmen
Location The Tops
Appearances Fallout New Vegas
All Roads
Drops (on death) Benny's suit
9mm Round
Platinum Chip

[edit] Role

Benny is the head chairmen in The Tops casino. Before becoming the chairmen and before Mr.House owned the strip he was in a tribal gang called The Boot Riders, the gang became the chairmen when they were told to move into The Tops and were given a box of suits and ties to wear.

[edit] Platinum Chip

Benny intercepted the delivery of the Platinum Chip to Mr.House so that he could control The Strip and The Mojave Wasteland. His plan was to use the chip to activate and control the MK II Securitron robots and kill Mr.House in order to create a robot army and win the battle of Hoover Dam.

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