Bailey's Crossroads

Bailey's Crossroads
Bailey's Crossroads.jpg
Location Capital Wasteland
Places of Interest Bailey's Crossroads Metro

Outcast's Outpost

Appearances Fallout 3
Related Quests Aiding the Outcasts

Bailey's Crossroads is a district added to the Capital Wasteland in the first DLC Pack, Operation: Anchorage. It can be accessed via the Bailey's Crossroads Metro near the Red Racer Factory.

[edit] Aiding the Outcasts

Main Article: Aiding the Outcasts

Upon entering Bailey's Crossroads you'll be caught in a cross-fire between the Brotherhood Outcasts and the Super Mutants. After helping the Outcasts, talk to Defender Morrill who will direct you to the Outcast's Outpost.

[edit] Locations

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